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Create my store 3.15€-m/37.80€-aasta

37,80 €
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Create my store  3.15€-m/37.80€-year : Turnkey website and hosting

The best tool we use is Woo in order to not depend on paying expensive programmers. 

seeing many companies that are spending thousands of euros in unqualified traffic

to its unoptimized sites. Maybe this is the reason of many entrepreneurs failures.

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Get your very own portal to use with your clients!


Prices include:
We Offer services  setting.

PrestaShop ecomerce php script 1pc: Free. + SSD Hosting – Ultra Fast SSD

DrivesDiskspace:            10gb SSD ,

Monthly bandwith:           Unlimited

E-Mail accounts:              10 Email

My SQL users:                  Unlimited

Databases:                        3 pcs

Maximum database size:       5 GB

HTTPS support:                 True.

Free Let’s Encrypt certificates:    True.

Web-based control panel for services (cPanel):   True.

PHP support:                                    True

  • You will get a fully customized site DEMO  DEMO1  DEMO2
  • Admin panel: A complete “Control Panel” to manage Products, Categories, Orders,Clients and many system option

    • Available in 65 + languages, PrestaShop will help your e-commerce 

      business succeed irrespective of your customers’ country or currency.

    • Client: View demo
    • Admin: View demo
      UserID: demo@odav.eu
      Password: demo1