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10 pcs Magnolia bonsai,rare potted flower

1,67 €
Maksudeta Tellimuse täitmine võtab 3-4 nädalat
Tellimuse täitmine võtab 3-4 nädalat

Name: Magnolia seeds,rare potted flower tree seeds,home and garden decoration plant,easy to grow,30pcs/bag
Quantity: 10 pcs
Latin name: Magnolia denudata Desr.
Germination temperature: 15-20C
Growth temperature: 15-30 C
Plant height: 10-40cm
Germination days: 5-15 days
The best sowing seasons: spring, summer, autumn
Flowering period: February to March
Transportation: Free shipping
Fruit period: August to September
Purity: 100
Product Indrotuction:
Magnolia intolerant transplant, usually 10 to 15 days before the bud or flowers just thanks to the leaves when the transplant is ideal. 4 to 5 days before the seedling to give a pouring water, this will not only allow the plant to absorb enough water, conducive to survival after planting, but also conducive to the soil when the seedlings into the ball. In the mining should be as little as possible to hurt the root system, broken the root of the wound must be smooth, in order to facilitate wound healing, the other also need to pay attention to is: no matter how large the size of the seedlings should be with soil balls, soil ball diameter should be nursery ground diameter 8 To 10 times, not too small, too small is not the role of protecting the roots. Soil ball dug after a good rope tied with a good, to prevent the transport in the bulk of lump.