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Mini Drone RC UFO käsitsi tuvastav infrapuna-RC

19,92 €
Maksudeta Tellimuse täitmine võtab 3-4 nädalat
Tellimuse täitmine võtab 3-4 nädalat

 Quadric is quite normal, at first flew a little chaotic, but after calibration (on the off 2 Times press on and put on a flat surface) flies quite acceptable. There are two speeds-average (immediately after on-green diode) and increased (press on the second time-blue diode). The sensors are only three-one at the bottom and two at the edges. The battery capacity is enough for 7-10 minutes of operation, charges 35-40 minutes (the red diode at the end of the charge will extinguish). In the kit-instruction in English and Chinese, a cord for charging, a screwdriver and two spare propellers. In general, a normal toy-children like it. Thanks to the seller for the good item and fast shipment of the parcel.