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Midlertidige tatoveringer
  • Midlertidige tatoveringer

Midlertidige tatoveringer

€ 3.90
Mva-fritt Tellimuse täitmine võtab 3-4 uker
Tellimuse täitmine võtab 3-4 uker

Product name: dark tattoo stickers

Color: black and white

Material: water transfer paper, PET film

Size: 5.8*9.6cm

quantity: 1


1. Cut out the favorite pattern and tear off the transparent paper on the surface

2. Stick the patterned side on the skin

3. Soak the tattoo paper with a wet sponge (you can also wipe water directly without a sponge)

4.20--Remove the white paper on the bottom after 30 seconds (just take it off)

5. Air dry naturally

Removal method:

Apply a small amount of alcohol or BB oil on the tattoo, after 10 seconds, wipe it back and forth

The package includes:

1*Tattoo Sticker